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The Best Environment to study English is here

Have you ever thought of the people in Fiji whose character is so happy and friendly?  Here in this country, you can easily make good friends, and enjoy friendship with them.  Moreover, Fiji has a long history being governed by United Kingdom and English is its official language.      Traditional British English is spoken here, which we believe is valuable for your study.

Language is not something to learn only at school. This country sure will give you the best environment to learn and practice your English.

As you know, Fiji is well known as a paradise on the earth with its outstanding beauty of the nature. This is also important for you, because it will encourage you to do the best for all in this country.

Lastly, one of the largest advantage to study English here in this country is the cost.  Living expenses in this country is extremely inexpensive in comparison with other countries where the English is spoken as official language.  Please do not give up your challenge just because expenses you need.

School programs

We have 3 types of programs for each age.

16 years old and over >> English language school "Free Bird Institute"
6 to 15 years old >> Primary school
3 to 5 years old >> Kindergarten

Everyone can join us
Students who are aged 16 years old and over can take the English course at
“Free Bird Institute”, which has 2 campuses and accommodates more than 500 students.
Students who are aged between 6 to 15 years can study English in the local public school called
“Namaka Public School’.
Students who are aged between 3 to 5 years, or children who are beginners in English, can study in the local Kindergarten called
“Namaka Public School Kindergarten”.
This means it is possible for a family to study English together in Fiji Islands!

We are recognized by Fiji government
We are the first private English School which is recognized by Fiji government. In the educational system of Fiji Islands, all the lessons are taught in English in all the schools including kindergartens, primary schools, junior high schools, high schools, and the other higher educational institutes. Therefore, 98% people in Fiji Islands are bilingual and fluent English speakers.

Teachers are qualified
All the full time teachers have an English teaching license given by the Ministry of Education of Fiji Islands.
They are enthusiastic and experienced teachers who do their best to provide good lessons!

A certificate is given to students
All our students will receive a certificate after completion of a school course.
You can proof your English skill level with your certificate for seeking jobs or taking higher educations.

English only policy is strictly enforced
Students are not allowed to speak their mother tongue in the school. It is called "English Only Policy (EOP)". It is strictly monitored so students will talk in English with the students from the same country which really helps improve your English speaking skills.

Local schools are in the same location
Our school “Free Bird Institute” is built next to local schools, “Namaka Public School” and “Namaka Public School Kindergarten” in the same school compound. Students of Free Bird Institute are able to enjoy talking with local children on a break time and after school.

Using interesting and practical textbooks
Free Bird Institute uses the textbooks called “Face to Face” developed by University of Cambridge in UK. These textbooks have been introduced in our school since September, 2009. The reason of the selection of the textbooks is Fijian English is more like British English as Fiji used to be a British colony and the textbooks were developed in UK as well. These new textbooks are well-known and introduced in many countries. It will help you improve your English skills.

Message from principal

Dear Students

Bula! Welcome to Free Bird Institute. This is the only English Language Learning Institute in Fiji. It is censored and approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of the Fiji islands.
Teachers are qualified and have gone through teacher training institution in Fiji so they have experiences in teaching.
English is the official language used here so almost everyone can speak and understand English if you speak to them.
Many students have passed through the institute since its inception and some have returned for the second time. You can learn English in the great circumstance, surrounded by beautiful mountains and azure oceans, with Fijians, so heart-warming people which rather than scenery, makes Fiji memorable. Fijian are known for their hospitality and generosity and so many students who have studied here appreciate the time spent studying English here.
I am certain that you would be satisfied with what we offer you.
We are really looking forward to see you in Fiji.

Free Bird Institute
Principal Mereseini Baleilevuka